YOUR AI Robot Cat

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Meet Maicat, Your AI Robot Cat

Bringing Maicat to life with AI

Interactive Companion
Maicat presents similar traits like a young cat, curious, caring and individualistic. Maicat displays a variety of emotions and diverse behavior.
Smart Decision Making
Equipped with camera, microphone and various sensors, Maicat analyzes and understands its surrounding environment, and easily adapts to its new home and to your live.
Emotional Intelligence
Face- and voice-pattern-recognition helps the robot to understand emotions. OLED eyes, speaker and 20 actuators allow Maicat to respond almost naturally.
Autonomous Learning
Maicat is an advanced artificial intelligence robot cat, whose learning is based on reinforcement learning. It constantly learns to get smarter everyday. Maicat's neural network is regularly updated.
Connected Companion
Mobility and a wide array of sensors allow this empathetic robotpet to integrate with IoT-devices through third party applications. Maicat's default security mode notifies you if something unusual is detected in your house.
Like any real cat Maicat has its own biorhythm, and need its playing time as well as times of rest and self-charges on its charging station.

Maicat, a part of your life

Smart robot cat Maicat is your cute friend and keeps you company. It is sensible to what happens around it and its behavior varies accordingly. Maicat brings its own flavor into your home and heart. It can be very affectionate as well as independent, like most cats. Are you ready to learn more?

robot cat maicat is petted by girl

 Maicat is a good listener and likes to hear your voice. It reacts to your voice and to sounds. Your interaction influences its personality and shapes your overall connection.  

girl talking to robot cat maicat

Maicat recognizes your face and can differentiate between 10 different people*.  Maicat has AI learning capabilities and can grow and adapt to become a very unique part of your family. 

(*up to 100 when connected to the internet) 

robot cat maicat is petted by girl

Maicat (20cm x13 x 20cm, 1Kg) is small and light enough to pick up and pet. Sensors within its body let Maicat know it's being petted and Maicat will respond lovingly.  

Maicat loves to keep you company!

hand touching robot cat

 Maicat will explore its environment and develop pathways autonomously. Maicat can join you in the living room or show up in the kitchen looking for some love.  


Playing and exploring are Maicats favorite activities. Even though Maicat don't mind to keep itself busy and pass the day, playing together is always more fun!


What else shows your true heart more than sincere communication? Maicat reacts to you and expresses its mood through a variety of subtle gestures, cute cat sounds and its expressive eyes! 


Give Maicat your unique touch! With the Maicat-App you can change Maicat's eye color or tone of voice. Keep track of its virtual diet and nutritional intake. You can even make your own schedule when its time to eat and have lunch or a little treat togehter!


Maicat is an autonomous ai robot, that adapts to your daily life and becomes part of your family. AI capabilities let Maicat show diverse reactions and avoid repetitive motion pattern. Smart technology not only provides the user with personalized experiences, it also utilizes the robots mobility and sensors to provide innovative smart home functionality.

cute robot cat Maicat taps on a PC showing ai capability
robot cat on patrol, monitoring the smart home
robot cat sitting in the sun
Award Winner Maicat
ces 2022 innovation awards winner robot cat maicat

Social robot Maicat is a cute, engaging companion pet with the intelligence of AI, generating empathetic and personalized experiences for the user. Easy integration with other smart home technology make it the center of the smart home.

Maicat adds another dimension to your life!

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