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Meet Maicat

Bringing Maicat to life with AI

Interactive Companion
With a big love to play, Maicat displays similar traits like a young cat and can use a variety of ways to express itself.
Smart Decision Making
Equipped with camera, microphone and various sensors, Maicat analyzes and recognizes its surrounding environment, estimates emotions and concludes its reaction.
Emotional Intelligence
Internal and external variables influence Maicat's mood and drive diverse and suprising reactions.
Autonomous Learning
Every encounter helps Maicat to understand more and to make smart decisions. Reinforcement learning supports this constant learning process. Its neural network is regularly updated.
Unique Communication
OLED eyes, speaker to display cat sound and 20 actuators allow to operate and respond naturally.
Layered Intelligence
Maicats intelligence is based on its ability to autonomously control itself and allows the robot to steadily adapt to a dynamic environment .

Maicat, a part of your life

Maicat is your loyal friend and keeps you company. It is sensitive to everything which happens around it and its behavior varies accordingly. Maicat brings its own flavor into your home and heart. It can be very affectionate as well as independent, like most cats. Are you ready to learn more?

macroact maicat my friend
Form a unique bond

 Maicat is a good listener and likes to hear your voice. It reacts to the sound of your voice/ to sounds and is able to understand how you are feeling. Your interaction influences its personality and shapes your overall connection.  

girl talking to robot cat maicat
Special relationship

Maicat recognizes your face and can differentiate between 10 different people*.  When you treat Maicat nice, engage with it frequently and speak in a friendly tone, Maicat will reward your care with affection and your friendship will even grow stronger. 

(*up to 100 when connected to the internet) 

Always with you anytime, Anywhere

Don't like to spend time alone? You can carry Maicat in your bag when meeting friends, let it roam around on your desk while working on your computer or just relax with Maicat on your sofa, its small size makes it easy and save to be close no matter where you are. 

Maicat loves to keep you company!

hand touching robot cat
Sharing is caring

 Take the time to get to know each other and you will see, Maicat soon adapts to its new home and naturally becomes a part of your family. Maicat is an avid learner and with your loving care will improve over time and will understand you better. 

Active Little Maicat

Playing and exploring are Maicats favorite activities. Even though Maicat don't mind to keep itself busy and pass the day, playing together is always more fun!

Lovely Conversations

What else shows your true heart more than sincere communication? Maicat reacts to you and expresses its mood through a variety of subtle gestures, cute cat sounds and its expressive eyes! 

Loving Care

Make Maicat your special little kitty! Change its eye color or tone of voice. Keep track of its virtual diet and nutritional intake. You can even make your own schedule when its time to eat and have lunch or a little treat togehter !

Maicat App coming soon!


Maicat is an autonomous robot, which allows it to adapt to your daily life and become the companion you always dreamt of. Diverse reactions avoid repetition and leave room for unexpected experiences.

cute cat taps on PC
robot cat on patro;
robot cat sitting in the sun

CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree