Hi and Welcome to ‘The Purrrfect Blog’!
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Hello and Welcome! 
This is the official Macroact Blog about Maicat and everything related to Maicat. We are very happy to have you as a dear reader and share with you the process of creating Maicat and bringing this amazing robot to life! On this blog we will publish behind the scene stories, provide insight into Maicat's development process and let you take part in Maicat's adventures. We hope to grow this blog continously and deliver interesting and engaging topics to help you to better inform yourself about Maicat and learn more about life with Maicat. You are welcome to leave comments below and share your thoughts with us. We just ask every reader of this blog to engage in a frindly and polite manner to make this blog a fun, informative and comfortable place for all. If you have specific questions or need help with something related to Maicat please drop us a line at support@macroact.com and we will get back to you ASAP. Have a great day! Your Macroact Team

4 thoughts on “Hi and Welcome to ‘The Purrrfect Blog’!

  1. Can’t wait for Maicat! You guys are Amazing. I think advanced Robot Pets can comfort and bring joy to People like me who can’t have real ones. Severly Disabled. In my Opinion it is not an Replacment. It is own kind and Alternate 🙂 Thank you for creating Maicat and wish you sucess! Maybe you can do an Forum here too? Best wishes Julia

    1. Thank you Julia for being the first to leave a comment! That is what we hope to do, to offer alternatives, engaging and with less barriers for people to enjoy^^

  2. I hope you update the space regularly, I’m looking forward to seeing what Maicat can do. I love robot pets, and would love to add an exciting cat bought to my pack of aibo friends!

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