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Macroact's Autonomous Social Robot Maicat Won CES Innovation Award for the Smart Home

High Mobility, Sensors and Camera Making this AI Powered Robot a One-Of-A-Kind Holistic Experience for Consumers
PANGYO, Korea -November 11, 2021- Macroact Inc. announced its autonomous social robot Maicat was selected as CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Smart Home category. Held annually, the CES Innovation Awards honor outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology. With the winning product displayed for everyone to experience at the Innovation Awards Showcase, live at CES, January 5-8, 2022 in Las Vegas. "Designing a social robot that offers unique experiences for the user through cutting-edge technology while being capable to easily integrate into the smart home, offers the user a tailored approach to their individual needs and lifestyle, and is something we aim to achieve with all the development work we are doing," said Lihak Kang, CEO and founder of Macroact Inc. "We are proud to have our robot recognized for offering outstanding engineering and design for the smart home by the CES Innovation Awards."

Layered Intelligence: Adaptive and Robust Learning

Macroact's Layered Intelligence feature supports the robot's autonomous learning ability and makes it adaptive and robust to operate in a dynamic home environment. Face- and voice-recognition, environment detection and other functions typically necessary for human-robot-interaction add to this experience. The robot's appealing design and natural behavior make it easy for people to respond to and create unique moments of companionship. Interacting with the robot on a day-to-day basis allows it to understand its environment and naturally becomes part of the family.

Mobility and Sensors: Improving the User-Experience

Maicat's mobility, camera vision and sensors offer a great range of possibilities to to perform different functions and connect with the smart home. Users get instant access to monitor their home, while Bluetooth and an optional internet connection let the consumer conveniently manage different features and give them full control over their data, making privacy an essential part of the robot's design. A new ecosystem can be created for the consumer's individual need for theird party applications, making Maicat the center of the smart home. Visit Maicat at the CES Innovation Awards Website

About Maicaroact Inc.

Macroact Inc. is an AI and Robotics startup that designs and develops autonomous robots for your home. A main focus lies on the implementation of AI solutions throughout the whole robot development process to enhance the learning ability of the robot and to create robust and adaptive products that can easily integrate into people's eyeryday lives and connect with the smart home via third party applications. For more information please contact

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