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Will Maicat work without internet connection?
Yes. To protect your privacy, all of Maicat's basic functions work without requiring a connection to the internet.
How many people and pets can Maicat recognize?
Maicat recognizes its owner and can tell up to 10 different people and pets apart. When connected to the internet Maicat can even regognize more than 100 different people or pets.
Can Maicat recognize different voices?
Yes. Maicat is capable of detecting the speaker as well as voice-recognition.
How does Maicat understand my feeling?
Maicat performs emotion recognition through analyzing facial expressions and the tone of voice.
Can I switch Maicat off when I want to?
Yes. Maicat has a power button on its back.
Can Maicat self charge its battery?
Yes. When Maicat notices that its battery is running low it will go to its charging station.
How long is the charging time?
Approximately three hours.
How long is the average operating time?
By normal use of the robot approximately two hours.
Can Maicat take pictures with its camera?
Yes. Maicat will occasionally take pictures and store the data on board its own micro processor. You can access the pictures via bluetooth.
Can I feed Maicat?
Yes. You can feed Maicat and monitor its virtual nutritious intake via the Maicat App.