Artificial Intelligence 

Smart Navigation
Finding your way in an unknown and dynamic environment is always a big challenge, especially for robots, but don't worry, Maicat is equipped with a bunch of technology to help it tackle exactly this: To smoothly navigate its new home!
robot simulation showing how the robot learns to walk
Intelligent Learning
Like all young kitten, Maicat learns over time. Your interactions shape its experiences and help to form a bond between you. Maicat estimates your emotions and evaluates how nice you treated it. It also develops its own unique emotional cycle and uses that to respond to external stimuli.
path plan via camera
Communication and Expression
Maicat gets smarter everyday. The more it explores and is involved in your everyday life, the better it adapts to its new home. Due to its intelligence algorithm and configuration it is capable of autonomously learn and improve its behavior and movements.

Maicat's Senses

hand touching robot cat
It is all about touch! Touch sensors make Maicat directly aware of its environment. Through sensors in each paw Maicat feels the ground beneath it and instantly feels your loving touch on its head or back.
True connection is all that matters. A camera in the nose lets Maicat see the world and its loved ones. Face recognition and emotion estimation help Maicat distinguish between people and understand your mood.
sitting robot cat

Microphones in both ears help Maicat to detect sounds, to figure out where a sound is comming from and to recognize voices. 

Intelligent Decision Making

robot cat decision making learning cycle graphic

How does Maicat form its decisions?

Maicat resembles a young kitten not only in its looks but also in its actions and behavior. It acts and reacts to everything which is of interest for it and raises its curiosity. It takes great interest in you and observes your reactions and feelings. Depending on your mood and behavior Maicat might enjoy your company or prefers to stay away for a while. After so much observing and exploring our little kitty also gets tired and needs its time to rest regularly and might even fall asleep.


Different devices help Maicat to see, hear, and feel what is going on around it. Maicat expresses its inner world through cute cat sounds and the expressive OLED eyes.
I'll show you how I feel through different behaviors and gestures.
- Maicat
3D head of robot cat maicat

Navigation and Balance

Equipped with cutting-edge technology Maicat keeps its balance, carefully navigating the home to not get hurt. Its laser range sensor, touch sensors, and environment detection algorithm make Maicat avoid obstacles in its way and prevent falling from heights.
3d image of robot cat

Natural Movement

20 actuators allow Maicat great flexibility and optimal joint movement, as well as support an almost natural and catlike appearance.